About Zócalo

Zócalo is the name of the largest square in Mexico City, one of the world’s largest squares. It is a place where people gather to meet their friends and family members, celebrate and eat good food – just like in our restaurant.

Our restaurant is based in tradition of the Taqueriors and the street food in the Mission District of San Francisco. A melting pot where various Hispanic immigrant cultures from, among others, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Nicaragua, Salvador and Guatemala are mixed up with newly moved hipsters, bohemians and artists.

But most of all, it’s the part of San Francisco where the Mexican immigrants live.

That is why Mission taquerias have the most authentic tacos mixed with American Tex-Mex and the neighborhood’s own version of the burriton, the world-famous Mission burrito.

The food is far from Sweden’s notion of Tex-Mex but is in the true California spirit filled with fresh and useful ingredients.

Zócalo is simply the fresh original food from Mission District SF.

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