Whether it is a small meeting with 5 participants or a large event for 250 people, we at Zócalo have the solution for your catering needs. We serve fresh and healthy Mexican food and have many vegetarian / vegan options.

What do you need?

Taco Buffet

20+ people

We offer a fantastic Taco Buffet, which is perfect for larger events. We also customize your buffers as desired and come up with favorable cost suggestions. You can choose from our ready-made buffet suggestions or you can choose to have a chef in place where we can offer a slightly larger range of services in addition to the usual

You make your own tacos from a buffet that includes chicken, carnitas, veggie strips, sauces, nachos & vegetables.

Price 280 per person.

Burrito wraps

8-100+ personer

Smaller burrito without rice and with romaine salad for mingle, meetings and parties.

Block Party BBQ ChickenMission District Classic ChickenDolores Green GuacamoleVeracruz Guacamole

99 kr per wrap

Catering Menu

  • Taco Buffet 280kr per person

    20+ people - Tortilla bread, chicken, carnitas pulled pork, veggie strips, nachos, salsa roja, guacamole, habana cream, romaine salad, chopped red onion, coriander, pickled red onion, pico de gallo salsa, pineapple mango salsa, spicy raw slaw & mexican coleslaw.

  • Burrito Wraps 99kr per wrap

    8-100+ people - Smaller burrito without rice and with romaine salad. Block Party BBQ Chicken, Mission District Classic Chicken Dolores Green Guacamole Veracruz Guacamole

  • Burrito Box 125kr per person

    8-100+ people - You can choose from 5 different burritos or mix it as you like: Block Party BBQ Chicken Burrito, Mission District Classic Veggie Burrito (VEG), Dolores Green Pulled Pork Burrito, Veracruz Pulled Jackfruit Burrito (VEG), El Barrio Barbacoa Burrito

  • Bowls for Business 125kr per person

    8-100+ people - Burrito Bowl with aguas frescas, nachos, salsa and little sweets. Block Party BBQ Chicken Bowl, Mission District Classic Veggie Bowl (VEG), Dolores Green Pulled Pork Bowl, Veracruz Pulled Jackfruit Bowl (VEG), El Barrio Barbacoa Bowl

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